SOS Children’s Villages Italy
Family strengthening programme

SOS Children’s Villages believes that the best place for a child to develop his full potential is within a caring family environment and it works with him, his family and the community to find the most appropriate answer to situations of children at risk of losing family care and those who have already lost it.

SOS Children’s Villages’ family strengthening programs help families stay together. Families who find themselves in crisis may have difficulty coping and caring adequately for their children.

We build parents’ capacities to care for their children through psychological support, training, counseling, neutral spaces for visits between family members supervised by a specialist. We also guarantee family mediation, family group conference.

In Italy we develop family strengthening programs through the SOS Villages of Saronno, Morosolo, Vicenza, Mantova, Trento, Rome and Ostuni, helping 65 children and 51 families.

We need also your support to implement the activities and services for all the families who find themselves in situations of crisis or extreme hardship.

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